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Products and Pricing

We offer a variety of plans suitable for every household. Buying a bulk share of Mammoth Valley beef is the best way to save time and money!
Our explanations of the products below are designed to give you the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your family.
On average, a bulk beef will be divided into 20% steaks, 30% roasts, and 50% ground beef. However, this is where those cuts sheets make a difference; if you don't select to get many steaks and roasts, you'll end up with a lot more ground beef!
Take a look below to learn more.

Quarter Beef.png

Quarter Beef

A year+ supply for 2 person household

With a quarter beef, you can receive 3-4 chuck/arm roasts, 3 round roasts, 1 brisket, 25 steaks, 10 lbs. ribs, and a significant amount of ground beef.

Assuming a 1,200 lb animal, you'll take home a little over 100 lbs of beef when you buy a quarter. Avg $800-1100

Half Beef (Most Popular)

2 adults + 2 kids for 1 year / Best custom beef option

This amount of beef can fill some freezers entirely, and it will offer most families a consistent supply of beef all year long. 
Assuming a 1,200 lb animal, a half beef will be around 250 lbs to go in the freezer, occupying up to 8-10 cubic feet of space. (Freezers costing $1000 average 20 cu. ft.)
Avg $1800-2100


Whole Beef 

It's what's for dinner for the whole family! Great for grill masters as you'll have all the specialty cuts just for you.

Our families that get a whole beef are just that - families.

This is perfect to share with parents, grandkids, siblings, etc.  
Assuming a 1,200 lb animal, a whole beef will be 
around 450-550 lbs to go in the freezer. 
A whole beef takes almost all of a large upright 20 cu. ft. freezer!
Avg $4000 - comes out to approx. $7-8/lb 

Price List

Available Now

$4.90 per Pound (Hanging Weight)

Quarter Beef

Perfect for a household of two
Good practice for honing a recipe
Great for date nights and special occasions

$4.70 per Pound (Hanging Weight)

Half Beef

Most popular, most recommended
(Jeanna and Ethan use up this amount in a year)

$4.40 per Pound (Hanging Weight)

Whole Beef

Perfect for big families
Convenient meal planning
That's a lot of steaks

Terms Explained

Live, Hanging, and Take Home Weight

Live Weight

AKA Hoof Weight

This is the weight of live animal when it arrives to the processor. Our beefs are typically 1,000-1,200 lbs. We will assume 1,200 lbs for our example.

Hanging Weight

AKA dressed weight

This is the weight of carcass with all the non-edible parts removed. This is the most common weight to use to calculate the cost of the animal. This is typically 60-70% of the live weight, so 720-840 lbs.

Take Home Weight

AKA Boxed or Retail Rate

As the name suggest, this is the amount you take home for the freezer. What your order looks like with vary depending on your cut sheet (the fat percentage, if you chose more specialty cuts, bone in vs. bone out). This is typically 60% of the hanging weight. Again, assuming a 1,200 lb animal, your take home weight will be 430-550 lbs.

Plan on one cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 lbs of meat.
Ex: for a 1/2 beef, you'll need at least an 8-10 cu ft. freezer. 

Past Cut Sheets 

There are many different ways to have your bulk beef processed.  

Here are just a few examples of past cutomers's cut sheets. 

Once you know the amount of beef you'd like to order...

Call or message us in the form below to reserve your spot. We book our spots at the butcher over a year in advance, so availability is limited. This is why we ask for a non-refundable deposit well in advance of your processing date. The deposit is what we use to hold your spot since we continue to sell out year after year, and it is your deposit alone that will reserve your spot for the agreed-upon processing date. Your deposit will be deducted from your final balance. 

The processing fee which is paid to the butcher is separate, and we will add that on to your total. It's typically $500 for the whole animal. 

As the processing date (the day the beef is dropped off at the butcher) gets closer, we will schedule pick-up or delivery depending on your location and preference. You will be able to fill out a custom cut sheet (which you can download at bottom of this page) from our butcher so you can select the types and sizes of cuts you would like. 

The beef is usually packaged and ready to be picked up 3 weeks after the processing date.

The remainder of the cost due on the beef will be required upon pick up/delivery.  

Bulk Freezer Beef Amount
Quarter Beef
Half Beef
Whole Beef

Bulk Beef - Cut Sheet 

PDF Hometown Butcher Cut Sheet

Click below to download a cut sheet. We are required to bring your custom cut sheet with us when we take your beef to the processors. We will work on this form with you and will make sure to answer any questions you may have.

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